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Outboard Sport is the exclusive distributor of new motor or used in our region. We have run our business more than 7 years. Extensive testing has been undertaken in salt and fresh water in Indonesia conditions before we have committed to sell our product.

When you need a new motor or used motor select the brand that the guys at Outboard Sport chose to put their name on. After years of searching and eliminating the also-rans, we have partnered with a Japan manufacturer that understands the true meaning of quality,  “don’t compromise on quality” and so on. 

Outboard Sport who selling around a hundred, two and four stoke motors a year.

All motors at Outboard Sport have been run for at least two hours before despatch. 

When you buy from Outboard Sport you can be sure you’re getting the best value, quality outboard available.

We supply the full range of Mercury, Tohatsu, Yamaha,Evinrude,Suzuki and Honda outboard motors. Larger motors available on request.

Our Store Located in North Jakarta  Indonesia


 "They know what they are doing, and we like what we see "logo.jpg